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People often ask me "what is a Craniosacral Therapist?". A Craniosacral Therapist is a well-trained professional who practices Craniosacral Therapy...a very gentle, profound and powerful hands-on healing modality. The body holds the imprinting of the totality of our life experience. We come across conditions or events that can trigger old memories or core wounds that have been asleep or buried in our psyche or organs for years. When these issues wake up, we experience pain and trauma. That can also be stimulated by an accident or injury that mimics injuries or events of the past. When enough pain and stress surfaces that our lives are interrupted, we look for support and healing resolution with a Craniosacral Therapist. 

 Craniosacral Therapy originates from Osteopathic Medicine. It orients around palpating the energy dynamics of the body and improving its function with profound therapeutic results. The Grandfather of Craniosacral Therapy is William Garner Sutherland DO. His original work evolved into two different lineages of Craniosacral Therapy..."Biomechanical" and "Craniosacral Biodynamics". The Biomechanical approach to the work is more "intentional". Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy was founded by Franklyn Sills. It invites the organizing and conditional forces in our systems to emerge and take over the healing process. It is organic to the body resourcing and re-organizing itself more holistically...on its own...without introducing the forces of intention or manipulation. Franklyn Sills explains that "the human system is ordered by a mysterious Presence called the Breath of Life." I practice Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. I find it very elegant and graceful without being invasive or imposing to your system. The material presented here is from the experience I have had after practicing this beautiful therapy for 20 years.          

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on healing therapy.

Touch has a profound healing effect on those who receive it...men, women, infants, children and animals. Craniosacral Therapy is performed with a very soft, gentle touch. The therapist creates a calm, quiet space for you to relax and get to know each other. Once rapport is established and your needs have been communicated and assessed, your session will begin.

 The therapist's very sensitive hands will rest lightly on your head and body to affect healing change. There is an intimate, energetic communication between the practitioner's hands and all of your muscles, nerves, organs and systems. These soft hands offer you support, safety and resourcing as you drift into dynamic inner stillness where deep healing can occur. 

There is always perfect inherent health running in the background of your mind and body beneath the presenting conditions. The therapist focuses on the health that is always present but often overshadowed by the drama of the presenting conditions. When the therapist focuses on your highest state of health, the body summons the guidance of its wise inner physician who knows you intimately for a lifetime...at least! It harnesses the resources to make the necessary adjustments to align with perfect health. Bones and organs reorganize around energetic fulcrums to achieve optimal function. The therapist accesses the body's infinite intelligence which can shift conditions from pain to ease and comfort in an instant. 

 Whatever is out of alignment or balance will present itself to be healed. The body even prioritizes what needs attention first. It will show the practitioner what issue will unlock the whole system for quick resolution. It may be torsion patterns, severe strains or forces that are holding pain and pressure in place. It may be energy blocks that are interrupting the flow of energy to your organs and extremities. It can also be painful energy cysts. Or it can be invisible force vectors in your energy fields that are anchored to past traumas and events still disrupting your function. 

Your issues can also be held in the mental or emotional bodies. Our body is the reservoir for all of our unexpressed thoughts and emotions. When we avoid resolving drama and conflict, the body stores those angry, toxic words and energy for a safer, better time when they can be processed. That time to process these issues is at a Craniosacral session. Otherwise, these buried toxic energies create disease in the body. The therapist may "see" a painful event from your past lodged in your head, neck or anywhere in your body. It can be released quickly and the entire body realigns with ease and grace. 

As the therapist gently holds your body and creates more space in your energy fields, that space invites these issues to surface and resolve. Streams of energy are freed up to nourish the affected area and bring new vitality to restore health and function. It can feel like a fountain of potency as the Breath of Life courses up the whole length of your spine. You feel refreshed, rejuvenated and free. You may notice a glow of light and energy that flows through your face and eyes. Now there are enough resources to handle the resulting shifts back to perfect alignment and health.  

The session ends when the patterns of resistance and conditions you have been experiencing have resolved. You can experience more ease, mobility, flexibility, and a general feeling of well-being. Stress and pain have been released. Your energy is light and bright. You are in a new state of balance. You will experience a new sense of serenity and freedom of body, mind and spirit. You will walk through life with a profound expanded awareness, ease and peace in your heart. 

It may take more than one session to allow your body to build the resources necessary for total resolution of the issues at hand. However, in just one session, you can experience new states of heightened awareness and receive new insights about your life. You may never have made these discoveries if you had not taken the time to get still within yourself...far away from the hectic stresses in your life. These revelations are only found in deep stillness and communication with your authentic self. Craniosacral Therapy will stretch your consciousness to new edges and expand your horizons to the unknown depths and breadth of who you truly are.


Enjoy the benefits of Craniosacral Therapy...


Restore balance and alignment for body, mind and spirit

Relieve stress, strain, pressure and pain

Feel more ease and mobility in joints. More freedom of movement and range of motion

Relieve headaches and 


Release stress from work and pressures of your career

Release fear, anxiety and panic attacks

Resolve childhood traumas

Lift heartache and depression

Balance emotions 

Promote positive state of mind  

Heal from traumatic life events 

Relax in stillness and allow cares to melt away

Restore body's resources and strength

Enjoy clearer, brighter energy

Free energy blocks

Experience better mental clarity

Free your spirit

Refresh and revitalize all systems...feel more alive


Prenatal Craniosacral Therapy

Relieve aches and pains associated with pregnancy

Release stress and strain in back, pelvis, hips and legs

Reduce puffiness and swelling in wrists and ankles

Relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in wrists

Help to create more space and flexibility in the hips and pelvis to allow for an easier vaginal birth

Assist breech babies to turn into most favorable position for vaginal delivery

Align position of baby in pelvis to help avoid a Cesarean Section

Calm fears, stress and anxiety

Balance emotions and sensitivities

Facilitate deep rest and relaxation for pregnant women

Allow pregnant women to have some private time to be nurtured and recharge their energy

Results in clear insights, bright spirit and peace of mind

Prepare a pregnant woman's body for an easier labor

Facilitate an easier recovery and healing following birth.

Injuries...Medical Conditions

Recover faster from sports injuries

Heal from accidents

Transform shock and trauma

Restore function and alignment from Bell's Palsy

Regain better alignment from Torticollis

Help correct Scoliosis

Release TMJ

Heal from head, neck and back injuries

Provide relief and support for symptoms of MS

Bring comfort and restoration from medical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy

Facilitate an easier recovery following surgery

Infant Craniosacral Therapy

Release stress and strain from birth...especially when vacuum or forceps were used to assist the delivery

Release neck strain that prevents successful breastfeeding

Regain better alignment from Torticollis

Allow for deep relaxation and better sleep

Create better overall body alignment to develop the best posture

Help to relieve reflux and digestive issues

Help to release infant constipation  

Help to reduce the body pain and fussiness associated with growth spurts

Help to soothe, nurture and calm babies when they are overwhelmed

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