Deborah Badran BCST, RM, CD(DONA)

I am a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist in New York City. I also had a practice in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for a couple of years. I received my Craniosacral Therapy foundation training from Roger Gilchrist, the Founder of the Wellness Institute. After completing my 3-year course with Roger, I assisted his training for another 3 years. I received my advanced training from Franklyn Sills, the Founder of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and the Karuna Institute in the UK.  I have had my Craniosacral Therapy practice since 1998. My clientele consists of men, women, pregnant women, infants and children, clients with medical conditions, aging clients and even animals. 

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

I practice many diverse healing modalities but my favorite, by far, is Craniosacral Therapy. I listen very intently to the body and integrate different healing techniques from my multi-faceted experience since 1992 to bring deep healing on all levels. My clients come from all walks of life in this busy city and come with a wide range of needs and conditions.   

Reiki and Energy Healing

I am attuned to twelve levels of Reiki by three different Reiki Masters. I graduated from four years of holistic healing therapy studies at the School of Enlightenment and Healing. The Founder and Director of that school had lived his whole life with saints and psychic surgeons in India. I have been an energy healer since 1992. I also practice Deep Emotional Bodywork to clear away deep emotional imprinting and trauma.

Spiritual Journeys

I studied, lived and practiced with Shamans from Australia, Peru, Brazil, New Mexico and Colorado. I have taken solitary vision quests on mountain tops and done sweat lodges and fire ceremonies with a Shaman and Medicine Woman deep in the mountains of Colorado for illumination and self-revelation. I have led transformational healing journeys with large groups to Egypt, Jordan, Israel, England, Mexico, Peru, India, Nepal and Tibet for many years.  

Kundalini Awakening

My life was dramatically transformed as I was called to be a Healer on 11/11/92. I woke up! I had a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening and my body looked energetically exactly like the picture here. I felt like I had been hit by lightning. In that instant, my hands and body became white hot! I have received the gift of subtle sight and extreme sensitivity that helps me assess my clients needs. Ever since that day, I have had profound healing gifts.

Certified Birth Doula

I have been a Certified Birth Doula, a Postpartum Doula and a Lactation Specialist since 1998. I received my Doula training at Seattle Midwifery School from Penny Simkin, one of the Founders of DONA. I am certified with DONA. I support new parents having their babies by offering Childbirth Education Classes, Prenatal Craniosacral Therapy, Labor Support, Breastfeeding Support, Newborn Care and Infant Craniosacral Therapy.